AOY Christa Bortignon Promotes Masters (11.06.2014)

Masters Athlete of the Year Christa Bortignon, from Canada, writes about promoting Masters.  Full Story Here

Masters in Diamond League (11.06.2014)

Masters Men and Women in the Golden Gala in Rome. Full Story Here

2018 Championship Bid News (02.06.2014)

2018 WMA Championship Bids are being accepted now!  Full Story Here

2014 Budapest Antidoping Results (20.05.2014)

No adverse findings from the antidoping tests administered at the 2014 WMA Indoor Championships in Budapest.  Full Story Here

2014 Regional Championships

Europe: August 22–31
Izmir, Turkey

Asia: September 19-23
Japan – Kitakami City

North Central and Caribbean:
August 21-24 San José, Costa Rica

South America: November 1-9
Medellín Colombia