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Opening Ceremony Amazing and Competiton Begins

Last night the Opening Ceremony was very good - the best we have had Indoors and one of the best ever. The special environment of an indoors facility makes such events very inclusive of the audience and certainly gives the athletes a feeling of being the centre of the action. The speeches were limited to four and the entertainment programme was exceptional. Some of the best artists in Asia performed, together with an acrobatic troupe performing karate acts - brilliant. Singers, dancers and musicians all were engaged and enthralled the athletes and supporters who remained after the formal ceremony. Congratulations to Korea and the LOC for a great start to the championships!

Opening Ceremony Photos

The first day of competition was successful but today will be very busy. Today is another lovely day that promises to be sunny and very warm - expected to get as high as 19 degrees celsius! The pressure will be really on in the main stadium as the 60 metre heats commence. The high level of registered Korean entries is exciting and promising!

Stan Perkins
March 19, 2017