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Mexico Bans Athletes

WMA Affiliates and Athletes,

Please take note that the two athletes below have been given “Life Time Bans” by the Mexican Athletes Masters Commission (COMAM).

WMA has endorsed the actions taken by the MAMC and would like all Regions, affiliates and athletes to be aware of the situation. Full details of all charges are with the athletes and MAMC.


After a long and exhaustive process through our Mexican Justice Ssystem, the Mexican Athletes Masters Commission (COMAM) council has determined that the following athletes are banned for life from competing in any “Masters Sport” in Mexico or around the world and belonging to any sports institution, starting today. (20 July 2015) “ subject to any other appeals through the Mexican Justice System."

Marco Antonio Franco Díaz; M47: born august 8, 1970

Regularly falsified information and results, publicizing himself in his local newspaper and social media, lying to his sponsors, and city council for his personal benefit.

Benjamín López Rendón M67: born September 26, 1948.

Due to inappropiate behavior. against fellow athletes. disregarding authority, trying to compete whilst being banned.